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Known as The Blue Mahoe, is a beautiful and durable timber that is widely used for cabinet making and also for making decorative objects such as picture frames, bowls and wood carvings.

The inner bark of the tree is often referred to as Cuba bark because it was formerly used for tying bundles of Havana cigars.

The wood has a musical quality and has been traditionally used in the making of cuatros, a type of lute. Fine boxes, furniture, inlay works, floors, details, turned pieces, exquisite jewelleries, sculptures, and ancient board games, have been, and demand to be transformed from the Mahoe. Architects, furniture-makers, designers, artists and wood lovers will find a charm in working with this wood. It has fine sanding and turning qualities, and a natural gloss in the wood when finely finished.​

A select committee also known as, The National Flower Committee was assigned the task to recommend a national tree. The committee recommended the Blue Mahoe, which was approved.

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